How the Insight Programme Works


The Programme arranges for participants to be attached to one or two Boards for a total of around nine months. In each organisation, participants will ‘buddy’ with an existing Non-Executive Director/Trustee and attend board and sub-committee meetings, as well as have access to the organisation under local arrangements. Participants will also receive mentoring from the Board Chair during an attachment.

In more detail


Participants should apply via this website. To become a participant, you will need to submit an application consisting of a CV and covering letter, detailing your interest in the Programme, the role of the non-executive and the sector/s you are interested in attaching to and your potential contribution at Board level. For further details, please click here.

The Insight Programme has been designed as one way to address the challenge to increase diversity on Boards operating within the sectors that GatenbySanderson supports. Before applying, you will be asked to confirm that you are part of an under-represented group. You will also be asked to confirm that you can meet the time commitment necessary to fully benefit from participation in the programme.


All applications to participate in the programme will be reviewed by the Chairs of sponsoring organisations supported by GatenbySanderson. Each application will be assessed on the basis of two main criteria: the value that participation in the programme could bring to you and the organisation; and your ability to demonstrate a strong commitment to the sector/s to which you want to attach.

Screening interviews may be undertaken as part of the selection process and you will be informed of the outcome of your application to participate by GatenbySanderson.


You will be invited to attend an induction programme, usually at one of GatenbySanderson’s offices in Leeds, London or Birmingham. The induction session will provide further information on the programme itself and will include speakers from sponsoring Boards providing information about what it is like to sit on a Board, and what Chairs tend to look for in a Non-Executive Director/Trustee.

Sponsoring organisations will also provide a further induction session specific to their organisation at the outset of the attachment.

First Attachment

Having been selected to participate, you will be allocated to an organisation. Following local induction, you will be paired with a Non-Executive Director/Trustee, who will act as your ‘buddy’ throughout the attachment under guidance from the Chair and with support from the Company Secretary/HR Director.

Participants will experience life as a Non-Executive Director or Trustee during their attachment of approximately six months, attending Board meetings, sub-committees and as many other commitments as is feasible, as well as receiving mentoring support from the Chair.

On completion of the attachment, you will be provided with a reference from the Chair to support future applications.

Second Attachment

To provide a breadth of experience, you will usually be attached to a second organisation for around four months, following the same format as the first attachment. Participants will be provided with a reference from the Chair once again.


The Insight Programme is managed by GatenbySanderson’s Board Practice. GatenbySanderson and sponsoring organisations give their time and efforts to the programme pro bono.

GatenbySanderson will contact participants throughout the programme and 6-12 months after completion to help monitor the impact of the programme.

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