What it Involves for Sponsoring Organisations


The Insight Programme aims to support individuals from under-represented groups on their journey to becoming effective Non-Executive Directors/Trustees. Participants in the programme will likely start with gaps in their understanding of the sector, or their experience as a Non-Executive Director or Trustee.

GatenbySanderson will support the identification of individuals through networks and our own research, and we welcome referrals directly from organisations. Once applications are received, GatenbySanderson will sift and circulate them to Chairs for comments and recommendations, resulting in a list of candidates deemed most appropriate for the programme.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a central induction that will introduce them to the public and/or not-for-profit sectors and the demands of a non-executive role. A representative of each sponsoring organisation will be invited. The event will be hosted by GatenbySanderson.

Sponsoring Organisation Involvement

Sponsoring organisations will be asked to nominate a point of contact (usually the Company Secretary or HR Director). Organisations are asked to provide access to Board Committees and other relevant areas of the organisation, and sanction access to the CEO and other key staff and Board Members as appropriate. We recommend that you ask participants to sign a non-disclosure agreement and note that participants are not fulfilling a formal role within in the organisation. Their status is not that of an Associate Non-Executive Director/Trustee; they are a visitor to your organisation.

Sponsor Chairs are asked to oversee participants’ attachment to the Trust, provide one-to-one mentoring support, and nominate a Non-Executive Director/Trustee to act as a ‘buddy’. Chairs will also need to provide a report on the participant’s level of involvement and areas of strength and development as a potential Non-Executive Director or Trustee. We also kindly ask that you provide feedback on the programme.

GatenbySanderson’s involvement

GatenbySanderson has developed the programme. We commit to liaising with sponsoring organisations, managing promotion of the scheme, receiving and circulating applications, management of the induction event, managing participant rotation between organisations and undertaking periodic programme reviews.

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