Insight Programme

Why is this Programme needed?

Identifying and encouraging high-quality candidates to become Non-Executive Directors or Trustees is a challenging task. Public and not-for-profit organisations are complex and often tightly regulated. Many public sector organisations turnover can be measured in the hundreds of millions and staff numbers can run into the tens of thousands. Individuals who sit on these Boards, therefore, carry significant responsibility, expectation and exposure.

Candidates who lack previous Non-Executive or Trustee experience are often seen as higher risk appointments, which has the effect of favouring white male directors. This lack of experience has become something of a barrier to aspiring Non-Executive Directors and Trustees, with the impact of this being felt more keenly amongst BAME, female, disabled and LGBTQ+ candidates.

Across the board in the public and not-for-profit sectors, the diversity of Non-Executive Directors and Trustees remains in the spotlight. Diversity at this senior level ensures that services reflect the needs and experiences of the communities and organisation serves, engenders more effective decision-making, and builds in organisational resilience.

Following a successful pilot period working in partnership with NHS organisations, Insight is now expanding to include the Housing and Not-for-Profit sectors.

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